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The Airbnb Masterclass

Why Attend?



Simply put, your AirBnb should be big businesses. Rented out year round every night of the week, but frustratingly — most miss the mark. I've read in a few places that the majority of homes around Australia only rent about 30% of the time. At $350p/n this is the difference between a business worth $35K a year, or one that brings in $125K a year consistently.

That's a business worth taking seriously.

I’d have to say, Im likely to be one of the most remote AirBnb’s on the planet, and I am booked out till July 2019. Let me help you do the same.
— Sarah Andrews

Now I've put the hard yards into my property, I work full time helping people do the same. I spent years at the head of a design studio helping some of the biggest business around the world, but it's the small business like yours that get me excited. One-on-one, its a big investment for owners, and although its not complicated, there is a lot to know. By spending 2 days together, I’ll give you all of my IP, and I'll teach you how to do it - from start to finish, no matter what you're offering or your project budget. 






“I had previously become disillusioned and didn't know how to approach it, but my concerns on the market I attract have all been addressed - all through the creation of a house story. I can't wait to get started - It is now such an enjoyable experience that I can have some fun with! Sarah's positive spin on every 'issue' restored my faith and changed my attitude towards holiday rentals. Thank you so much Sarah! This experience has been invaluable - not only from what I have learnt, but also due to all of the amazing women I have had the opportunity to meet!

Airbnb Masterclass Grads.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to absorb your knowledge face to face and hear all this in your own words. Whilst my project hasn’t started yet, I have my property and this now gives me the tools to start my business along the right path. Your simple explanations make so much sense and the additional resources are the most awesome references!! Can’t wait to get started.
— Airbnb Masterclass Grad

The airbnb masterclass was full of industry insights and practical know how to take your business to the next level. Not just a game changer but I think everything taught and so generously shared by Sarah and her crew will prove life changing!

— Airbnb Masterclass Grad


Okay, I'm in — what are we learning?


I'll show you everything - all my secrets and more. This isn't a workshop, it's a Masterclass where I 'll show you the trade and hold nothing that I know back.



Day one.

Telling your house story. This is the brand and story of your home. The idea. Sounds boring, but it really is the most important part. I'll show you how to create your unique story, and tell it like no one else. 

How to create an iconic home. How to do it - from an idea, to the finished product. Each of the steps, including buying and styling. 

Working with flowers. This is a must. Eliza Rodgers will show us all her secrets. She’s the absolute best florist and human I know. We get to put all our hands in flowers, and take our arrangements home too.

Photography. I’ll show you how I take my photos, yes! With my phone, I do most of them this way!

Press & publications. How to get your home published in a magazine and in various press. How to work with editors and content managers. 

Day two.

The practicalities & management. Everything you need to know and do, including all my templates and manuals that you can use and copy for your home. I know people whose home is a full time job for for them, but I'm surprised if I spend more than 10 minutes a week. 

Websites. You need a beautiful one, I'll give you everything you need to do it yourself, for less than $100 bucks a year. 

Influencers. These people are key to your business. How to find them, which ones to pick, how to approach and work with them, and how to harness the good work that they do. 

Events and location shoots. You can charge extra by using your home for these types of activities. Let me show you how you do it, and what to charge. 

Social media. Not your average advice. I'll show you how I do it.

Making lots of profit. Profit dosn't end at your nightly rate. At times I can almost double a guests spend in terms of overall earning. I'll give you the secrets. 

Troubleshooting. Okay, so you’re not booking out year round. What could go wrong, and how to know what to do about it. 


Post Masterclass.

You'll also get. My little black book, the course notes - as if you could remember everything, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast! Everyone’s details so you can keep in touch for advice and support. All the manuals and tools I use. Who is the best at what if you need help and their contact details.


Want something else? This workshop is in development, and its for you - so tell me! 


So, what else do I need to know?



  • $2,500 (plus GST, $2750 all up) — All workshops include materials, meals and drinks - haha, okay .... wine!

  • I'm so excited to give you as much value as possible. That's the point of getting us all together to learn it all. Doing a few sums in my head - to hire this type of consulting and mentoring privately, you're looking at about $10,000 to $20,000. I'll even show you how to make your own beautiful website & do you own photography knocking about $3000 & $4000 off your business start up costs respectively. 

This course was invaluable and I am so lucky to have attended. It has given me the confidence to make the career change I have been dreaming about. My mind is wide open and my heart is so full of excitement!

What helped me most was understanding the ‘special’ and how important special is. I believe understanding this will help me to guide Captains Cottage in the right direction.

All the materials provided are so invaluable and will be well used but it was the delivery that set this masterclass apart from anything else I have ever attended….I was completely engaged for two whole days.
— Airbnb Masterclass Grad