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Why Attend?



Home is such a special and unique place. When I have walked into the most special and beautiful homes around the world, I’ve always felt like I can see the very deepest parts of an owners soul and I fall a little bit in lust with them.

I share one of my homes, Captains Rest, and I am always told by the people who stay, who fall deeply in love with the place, that they they feel like the know me, that they can really see the truth of who I am. I get told the same thing over and over on all the projects I do, big ones or just little ones.

My day job is a stylist, working for the most beautiful people and their incredible homes. I essentially facilitate this process I want to show you for them — the work I do for them always comes from them — and I always teach them how to do it on the way. I always say, “I have taught you everything you need, send me photos — I want to see what we have done here together grow and dance!” I am so bloody passionate about everyone showing the world them selves, their stories, their voice. Its so beautiful, I know I want to see it!

I’d love to show you, in a hands on way how find your own home story and your visual voice, how to create it, style and buy for it, photograph it and promote in a way that is so dear and authentic to you. Exactly the way I do with my projects, all my tools and processes.

Let me show you how to pull out your stories and who you are, teach you how to style and story-tell visually, mentor you how to take your own photos, how to add botanicals and coach to use instagram to say it, and grow it. This is such a unique class like no other for anyone who wants to create magical spaces around their home or their business and learn how to tell the whole world about it, in your own way.

It is about, essentially, how to tell stories through your spaces. Yours, not anyone else’s. Nothing I do is by chance — there is a science and a method to it, and I would be over the moon to teach it to you, showing people how to do this has been bubbling in my heart forever, and after teaching the Airbnb Masterclass, I know people want and can learn this. Im a great teacher, one lady from who I taught in the last round of classes told me that she had been at uni for 8 years, and I was the best teacher she had ever had. Long story short, I’ve got you!


Im excited to host this class, It’s not just a small piece of the puzzle, Im going to teach you the lot, from start to finish!

Can’t wait to meet you and watch what you all create next!

Captains Rest (1 of 1)-2.jpg

“…Captain’s Rest (is) arguably the most Instagrammed Airbnb in Australia. The magical cabin in Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania has become legendary in the 12 months it’s been in operation”


Okay, I'm in — what are we learning?


“Any space styled by Sarah Andrews I fall completely love with. Her ability to tell a story and create such emotional vulnerability and attachment constantly blows me away. I always know if Sarah has worked on a space or a project, its because its always like no other.”

— Marnie Hawson, Photographer - Country Style, Real Living, Habitas, The Design Files, Good Weekend, Homestyle, Conde Nast Traveller, Green and Broadsheet.


Let me teach you...

Telling your house story. This is the brand and story of your home. The idea. Sounds like theory, but it really is the most important part, where I always start and what everyone else will miss. I'll teach you how to create your unique story, and tell it like no one else. 

How to create an iconic home. How to do it - from an idea, to the finished product. Each of the steps, including buying and styling. 

Working with flowers. This is a must. We get to put all our hands in flowers, and take our arrangements home too.

Photography. I’ll show you how I take my phone, yes! With my phone, I do most of them this way!

Press & publications. How to get your home published in a magazine and in various press. How to work with editors and content managers. 

Social Media. What to say, how to say it and how to grow your following. Everything I do that works.

And, let me give you ..

I am so passionate about value for investment. I always want to provide far, far more to you than the cost of this course. As well as the above, Im also going to send you after the class a video with the tools I use showing how I make all my own websites, stores and forms myself. I know you can do it to, so let me show you how. If you were paying someone else to do that for you, thats in the very least twice the cost of this course right there.


So, what else do I need to know?



  • $1,500 (plus GST, so $1750 all up) — All workshops include materials, meals and drinks, okay .... wine!


Sarah is a special soul. I feel privileged to share in the beauty of her very personal haven which she has so lovingly created and curated. She is so thoughtful, and you can see that in her design and all of the beautiful textures, colours and vignettes here. They aren’t there just to look good, they are there because they mean something to her.

Having stayed at Captain’s Rest and basked in the wonder of the world she has created there, it is no surprise at all to see another stunning expression from such a talented (and quite frankly, a wonderful) person. Bravo Sarah.