“This amazing workshop has given me a great deal of guidance and direction and really helped us avoid making mistakes we would no doubt have made without it. It has taught me so much valuable information which is key to making our Airbnb a 100% success story!”

“Sarah equipped me with the tools I need to create an iconic air bnb property. The content covered was spot on and Sarahs teaching style is relaxed and easy to follow. The venue was beautiful and it was a great opportunity to meet like minded ladies in the industry. Thanks Sarah for a great workshop!

“The airbnb masterclass was full of industry insights and practical know how to take your business to the next level. Not just a game changer but I think everything taught and so generously shared by Sarah and her crew will prove life changing!”

“Dear Sarah,

The course and your knowledge and enthusiasm for Airbnb and nurturing participants dreams and goals was inspiring . It was such a bonus to be able to spend time in such a beautiful house and I particularly loved the Flower arranging workshop and Lindseys presentation on the last day. I have come away with my motivation back on track and my creative juices flowing!”

“I don't know where to start, I got so much out of this course and really enjoyed it. Not having started my air b&b yet, I now believe I have all the tools to run a very successful air b&b. I can't wait to get started now.”

“This brilliant course wove its magic on many levels. Firstly the energy and generosity of sharing from Sarah and Marnie and Eliza was breathtaking and refreshing.

Sarah is captivating, engaging, knowledgeable, thought-provoking. Importantly she exudes a kindness and graciousness in her approach to business and dealing with people. She is pragmatic and practical despite being a free spirit that usually would be hard to bring back to earth.

This two day course followed a wonderfully logical journey covering an incredible amount with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and tease things out.

I always thought I was a really good bed-maker, however, I've learned a new way that is not only practical but also luxuriously comfortable and freer than my tightly tucked sheets usually are. There's a metaphor in there for the whole approach to hosting guests about loosening up, taking a breath, chilling out and allowing yourself to shine through a bit.
We learned how to take the best kind of photographs to create a real sense of atmosphere and experience in our spaces. Thankyou to the incredibly gifted photographer and generous, lovely person Marnie Hawson.

We had an amazing demonstration on how to bring botanicals into the home from the wonderful Eliza of Primula Florist Styling. Such a talented and gorgeous person ! We then got to create our own arrangement using the most amazing and abundant supply of flowers and greenery.

And so the two days unfolded, full of information and guidance on every single aspect of running an accommodation business including the nitty gritty of marketing.

The location, the venue, the joyful fellow participants were sensational.

This was an exceptional workshop. I loved every minute of it. I am inspired and excited and motivated to create an experience and somewhere special and memorable for people to stay. I am excited by possibility.
Thankyou Sarah !!”

“Sarah's masterclass was such an enjoyable and inspiring experience. She provided great insight into the 'how' and 'why' things need to be done a certain way and backed it up with her success at Captains Rest. The course has re-invigorated my creative dreams and has put me back on track to creating a home I love and for others to enjoy. I had previously become disillusioned and didn't know how to approach it, but my concerns on the market I attract have all been addressed - all through the creation of a house story. I can't wait to get started - It is now such an enjoyable experience that I can have some fun with! Sarah's positive spin on every 'issue' restored my faith and changed my attitude towards holiday rentals. Thank you so much Sarah! This experience has been invaluable - not only from what I have learnt, but also due to all of the amazing women I have had the opportunity to meet!”

“The course really solidified for me that I want to turn my property into a business. I knew it was possible and had some ideas and everything I was thinking was confirmed and more.

Giving me the CONFIDENCE to believe it is possible was a huge gain. I know I have the skills and can pull on resources to really elevate what I am offering so that my property becomes a destination as well.”

“I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to absorb your knowledge face to face and hear all this in your own words. Whilst my project hasn't started yet, I have my property and this now gives me the tools to start my business along the right path. Your simple explanations make so much sense and the additional resources are the most awesome references!! Can't wait to get started.”

“Hi Sarah. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and confidence to continue my dream and now actually believing that I can achieve it.

Your words are constantly in my head and have given me focus and vision and drive.
The little team of you, Marney and Eliza work perfectly together and the love and great respect you have for each other is strongly felt.”

“Your course provided some really practical solutions to running a stylish, eagerly sought Airbnb. Lots of small tips and tricks that when added together can make a huge difference.”

“It change my whole perception about what I really thought about Airbnb and really what it is! The investment in your work Sarah has already saved me time and money for this I thank you!”